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Everything from collection to processing!
At Cap Eco Recycling, in addition to providing tailor-made solutions
for the management of rigid and flexible plastic waste,
we also supply recycled plastic materials.

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      After ISO 9001, Cap Eco Recycling is also ISO 14001 certified

      Cap Eco Recycling exhibits at POLLUTEC Lyon 2023 ! Join us Hall 3, Stand C 182.

      CAP ECO Recycling

      simply recycling

      Everything from collection to processing: tailor-made solutions for the management and recycling of flexible and grindable plastic waste.

      Cap Eco Recycling is a key player in the circular economy, specialised in the recycling of commodity (e.g., PE, PP) and engineering thermoplastic resins (e.g., Polycarbonate, Polyamide, ABS and PS). We recover end-of-life plastic materials (post-industrial and post-production), plastic scrap, and production offcuts towards nearby French and European streams / channels / customers.

        Cap Eco Recycling’s specificities:

        • Services: installation of collection containers, on-site advice intended to enhance your teams’ skills needed in achieving efficient collection flows, as well as partnerships with waste collectors and recyclers,
        • Customised logistics & weighing via our weighbridge certified for commercial transactions,
        • Analysis & quality control both upstream and downstream of production,
        • Plastic materials prepared for recycling and processed on our industrial site,
        • Sale of recycled plastics and trading of plastic waste,
        • Cap Eco Recycling can also provide toll grinding services on a custom contract basis.
        certifications iso 9001 and iso 14001

        Cap Eco Recycling is ISO 9001 certified (v 2015), ISO 14001 (v2015) and was granted the 2020 ‘Recycling Aid’ award, sponsored by France’s Ecological Transition Agency.

        “Recycling is more than just an industrial activity, it is first and foremost a question of knowing your plastics and how best to recycle them”


        We are located in the Oseraye business park, just off the main Nantes-Rennes highway, and just a few minutes from the Saint-Nazaire-Laval highway. At Cap Eco Recycling, we offer comprehensive services designed to enable your plastic waste to find the right recycling channel.



        Choose Cap Eco Recycling for solutions tailored to your plastic waste removal needs:

        • Effective advice and operational support
        • Containers provided for the storage and removal of your plastic waste
        • Specific logistics and waste collection techniques
        • Traceability of your waste in compliance with applicable laws and regulations

        At Cap Eco Recycling, we collect and handle multiple types of plastic resins including HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, PS, PC, and PA:

        industrie bac plastique


        • Agri-food
        • Pharmaceutical
        • Packaging
        • Electronics
        • Cosmetics
        • Automobile, Leisure, Construction, etc.

        Handling Containers, Packaging Materials, Plastic Scrap & Off-Cuts, End-of-life Plastic.

        industrie bac plastique


        • Injection moulding
        • Extrusion
        • Blow moulding
        • Thermoforming
        • Roto-moulding

        Lumps & Sprues, Spools, Bales, Parts, Skeleton Frames, Shredded Plastics, Rejects.

        bacs en plastiques


        • Distribution centres
        • Logistics platforms
        • Consolidation – deconsolidation
        • Co-packing
        • National Wholesale Trading Centres

        Plastic Pallets, Packaging Materials & Films, Layer Pads & Dividers, Crates & Pails.

        poubelles conteneurs


        • Town Councils
        • Municipality Communities
        • French Departmental Syndicates

        Household Waste Bins, Waste Collection Containers, Recycling Banks



        After identifying the waste materials on your site, we systematically carry out the necessary analyses in our laboratory. Our team facilitates the industrial recycling of your plastic waste.

        We organise for the waste to be packaged for removal and collected

        Upon receipt, the waste materials are weighed: we handle both homogeneous and mixed batches

        The weight of the batches is entered by quality, as per the purchase contract

        An automated summary purchase slip is sent by e-mail at the end of the month

        The corresponding invoices are paid by bank transfer mentioning the relevant references green plastic tubes

        plastic waste


        Collection and preparing of plastic waste for recycling

        plastic waste

        Industrial Processing

        Shredding, Dust Removal and Homogenisation

        plastic granules


        Quality control (e.g., melt-flow index, density and moisture)

        coloured bins

        Second life !

        Once back in the industrial loop, your plastic can enjoy a new life



        At Cap Eco Recycling, we offer a wide range of shredded and granulated plastics for sale. Our recycled plastics are analysed and characterised in our internal laboratory, ensuring they meet the highest standards of our industrial customers.

        To monitor and limit the impact of our industrial operations on the environment, at Cap Eco Recycling, we believe in promoting short channels and therefore consistently choose our partners (suppliers of waste plastics and buyers of our recycled plastics) from within a close geographical area (i.e., France and rest of the EU).

        High Density Polyethylene


        • PP Injection moulding
        • PP Extrusion / Thermoforming
        • PP Blow moulding


        • PS Extrusion / Thermoforming
        • PS Injection moulding

        Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

        • ABS Extrusion / Thermoforming
        • ABS Injection moulding
        • ABS PC / ASA / SAN

        Engineering plastics

        • Polycarbonate Extrusion & Injection moulding
        • Polyamide
        • Other (please consult us)

        Low Density Polyethylene

        • Films
        • Flexible plastics

        Technical Capabilities



        Ever since our inception, Cap Eco Recycling has adopted a quality-focused approach for our products, made possible thanks to our dedicated internal analysis laboratory.
        At Cap Eco Recycling, we guarantee a consistent, high-quality product that is rigorously controlled and inspected in our laboratory both before and after the grinding process.






        Storage and logging of samples (at least 3 months)


        Cap Eco Recycling regularly invests in high-performance production technologies: dust removal, metal particle removal, and homogenisation


        Grinding capacity: up to 4 tons/h


        Vibrating tables


        Grinded granule size: 8 – 10 – 12 mm (other sizes: please consult us)

        Packed in new bigbags (2m3 Qbag)

        20 m3 mixing silo

        A dedicated 13,500 sqm industrial site, including a weighbridge

        certifications iso 9001 and iso 14001


          What is industrial recycling ?

          Industrial recycling is the process of collecting, sorting and processing materials for reuse in the production of new products. This may involve materials such as paper, glass, metal, plastic and other raw materials.

          The aim of industrial recycling is to reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduce the waste produced by industry, which can have environmental and economic benefits. It can also contribute to the creation of green jobs and environmental protection by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving natural resources.

          What are the different types of plastics that can be recycled ?

          There are several types of plastic that can be recycled, the most common are :

          • polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
          • polypropylene (PP)
          • high density polyethylene (HDPE)
          • low density polyethylene (LDPE)
          • polystyrene (PS)
          • acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
          How is plastic waste sorted for recycling?

          Plastic waste is generally sorted according to its resin, its application (injection, extrusion, roto-molding, blowing, etc.) and its color. This can be done manually or using sorting machines.

          What are the benefits of recycling plastic waste ?

          Recycling plastic waste helps reduce waste management costs, recover raw materials, save energy and preserve the environment.


          What are the other means of recovering plastic waste apart from recycling ?

          Apart from recycling, there are several areas for recovering plastic waste, including :

          • Energy recovery: plastic waste can be used as fuel to produce electricity or heat.
          • Chemical recovery: plastic waste can be used as raw materials for the production of new chemical molecules.
          • Material recovery: plastic waste can be used to manufacture new products, such as rubbers, insulation or aggregates.

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